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Sea Reaper Expedition Team Recovers Gold Coin!

On Monday, Sea Reaper divers Zack Sztanyo and Dan Schweizer, working for MRR under contract with Queens Jewels, LLC, recovered another rare gold coin from the 1715 fleet off the coast of Fort Pierce, FL. It was a calm day on the water when the Sea Reaper divers returned to a metal detector anomaly they had located nearly six weeks ago. In June, the target was discovered deep in a crack in the limestone bedrock. Captain Dan Porter asked his friend and equipment supplier Les Savage of Orlando for ideas, and he had just what was needed to make a safe and environmentally friendly extraction of the anomaly. With the proper equipment on hand, the divers returned to the target on Monday and located it with the underwater metal detector. After hours of work underwater, a glint of gold was seen and the divers were able to use a pair of long tweezers to rescue the gold coin. Without such specialized efforts of the MRR team, this artifact would have otherwise remained lost.

Divers Zack Sztanyo and Dan Schweizer recover gold coin!

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