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Sea Reaper Gets Ready for Upcoming Season!

The MRR crew has been working hard in the boat yard! During the last week of January, the Sea Reaper was hauled out of the water and put on dry dock so the crew could get to work on some routine hull maintenance to get ready for the upcoming busy summer season. ​

The hard work and dedication that goes into keeping a vessel in top operating condition is no easy feat, but the dedicated MRR crew has been working seven days a week to reach the goals for this round of hull maintenance on the Sea Reaper. Captain Dan and the entire crew are eager to get the Sea Reaper back in the water and catch the next weather window that will allow them to be back on site and continue the execution of the 2017 operational plan—the hunt for the missing section of the Santa Margarita’s cargo. The boat is expected to be back in the water by the end of this week, and MRR is ready and looking forward all the new discoveries in the year ahead with Motivation, Inc., the permit holder of the Santa Margarita.

Sea Reaper on dry dock for routine hull maintenance to prepare for a busy year ahead.

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