Seatrepid's Maiden Voyage

April 10, 2018

For the last year, MRR crew has dedicated all off-site time to outfitting the second custom excavation vessel, Seatrepid. We are very pleased to announce that Seatrepid has completed its initial sea trial with a maiden trip to join its sister ship, the Sea Reaper, on the site of the Santa Margarita.

Seatrepid and Sea Reaper tied up on the Santa Margarita site.


Although there are a couple of details to complete before she is done, the sea trial went very well. Captain Porter and the MRR crew are excited and ready to finish the remaining projects that will have Seatrepid ready for the prime weather of the 2018 season.


Custom excavation vessels, Sea Reaper and Seatrepid.


The Seatrepid will excavate in shallow water areas on 1715 sites during the 2018 season. The Seatrepid hull was selected for its shallow draft, which will enable the vessel to reach these near-shore areas. Many valuable artifacts from these wrecks have been recovered in these shallow, near-shore areas, and MRR is now capable of accessing these exciting target areas.


The momentum of the 2018 season is picking up—more updates to come! 

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