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What is MRR?
Maritime Research & Recovery is a historic shipwreck recovery company that has firsthand experience in working primarily on shallow water shipwreck projects.  MRR has the technical and logistical experience of taking historic shipwreck projects from archival research through final disposition.


What type of personnel does MRR employ?
These projects cannot be done without a dedicated team of professionals.  MRR has worked hard at assembling an international team of experts in their related fields, including researchers, archaeologists, survey specialists, recovery captains, recovery divers, conservation specialists, numismatists, and more. As a result of working alongside leading scientists, scholars and experts in various fields from around the world, MRR’s education on advanced methodologies and technology is always steadily evolving.


What is MRR's position on leaving artifacts in situ?

We understand that artifacts abandoned in a corrosive environment such as salt water have a drastically shorter life span. It is an irrefutable scientific fact that leaving artifacts made of silver, bronze, pewter and many other materials, in salt water causes them to be in a consistent state of decay. As soon as these submerged items lose their patina, they become very porous and the rate of decay is accelerated exponentially. With this knowledge, neglecting to rescue these artifacts means that we are guilty of destroying the cultural heritage of the waters in which they lay. We feel that it is our responsibility to promote the professional recovery of these cultural artifacts, whether it is conducted by qualified private sector professionals or governments, states, institutions or other organizations. This mission should be a team effort and at MRR, we are willing to consult or partner with any of the above mentioned entities, as long as they are acting in a legal and constitutional manner.


Is MRR recognized internationally? 
MRR is one of the most internationally recognized and experienced companies, known for its capability to conduct all stages of a project by providing specialists in research, recovery, and conservation.


What other projects does MRR intended to be involved in?

Advanced research and development is currently underway on a 19th century North American shipwreck and a 17th century shipwreck in the Caribbean. Negotiations are likewise underway for additional targets located in North, Central, and South America, as well as two Manila galleons in the Philippines.



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