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Recovery Vessels & Equipment

Together with a closely held sister company, MRR owns and operates its two primary excavation vessels, the 65 ft. M/V Sea Reaper and the 45 ft. M/V Seatrepid. 


Both vessels are converted off-shore fishing boats, fully customized and outfitted with navigational electronics, remote sensing equipment, sophisticated data-recording software, prop-wash deflectors, hand-held metal detectors, air compressors, tanks and related tools. 


Together with another sister company, Sea Hunt Surveys International, LLC, MRR operates a fully-outfitted survey vessel, the 28 ft. Sea Hunter. The Sea Hunter is equipped with various remote sensing technologies, including a Geometrics magnetometer, side-scan sonar and more. 


When deemed beneficial, MRR may also contract with third parties for additional equipment and/or other specialists to facilitate and expedite the location and recovery of shipwrecks.


Vessel Specifications:


Sea Reaper


The Sea Reaper lll was outfitted in 2014 to conduct professional historic shipwreck operations including survey, documentation, excavation and artifact recovery. She is a light expedition vessel capable of extended stays on permitted wreck sites and can house 10 persons comfortably for a period of up to 20 working days.


Sea Reaper.png

Hull Type:  Resmondo Boat Works, FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) with Sea Flex planks

Length:  65’

Beam:  21.5’

Draft:  7.5’

Power:  Twin 580 HP Caterpillar 3604E

Main Generator:  35 KW

Back-up Generator:  8 kw

Tank Fill Compressor:  K-14, high pressure

Excavation Equipment:  Airlift compressor Sulair 185CFM with two 5” aluminum airlift tubes that are 6’ long; Water jet and Venturi pump supply; 40” 90° propwash deflectors


8 underwater AquaPulse metal detectors with accessories


1 underwater handheld magnetometer


Data recording stations:  Artifact documentation station and equipment;  Two onboard data recording computer stations with AutoCAD and other related software


Six onboard artifact stabilization tanks


Scuba Tanks:  15ea 80cu scuba cylinders


Ground Tackle


Onboard DVR Camera System


900 gallon-per-day fresh water maker



The Seatrepid was designed and built in 2017-2018. Its main purpose is shallow water excavation but is capable of conducting operations in up to 50 ft. of water. She has living quarters for a crew of four and is suited for light expeditions trips for up to seven days of operations.  


Hull Type:  Key West #1, fiberglass


Length:  45’


Beam:  15’


Draft:  38”


Power:  Twin 430HP Cummings 6CTA


Transmissions:  Twin Disk 2:1 with trolling valves


Main Generator:  35KW Kohler Power System


Back-up Generator:  8KW Northern Lights


Electronics:  Complete 2018 Simrad Package


A/C:  4 ton carrier


Hydraulics:  Three 14,000 lb. capstans, quick connects to connect underwater hydraulic tools


Tank Fill Compressor:  Bauer K-14, electric below-deck


Excavation Equipment:  High-pressure water jet; Venturi capabilities; 36” propwash deflectors (90° and 45° capability)


4 AquaPulse underwater metal detectors with accessories


Data recording station:  Artifact documentation station and equipment;  Onboard data recording computer station with AutoCAD and other related software


Scuba Tanks:  15ea 80cu scuba cylinders


Ground Tackle


Onboard artifact stabilization tanks


Fresh water maker

Sea Hunter 

The Sea Hunter was designed and outfitted in 2016-2017 to be a fully functional coastal survey vessel. It is equipped with a navigational suite and survey tech station with all related hardware. Its main purpose is shallow water historic shipwreck survey and ground truthing survey anomalies.

Sea Hunter.png

Hull Type:  Parker, fiberglass


Length:  28’


Width:  8’


Draft:  2.6’


Power:  250HP Yamahas


Electronics:  Complete 2016 Simrad Package


Scuba Tanks:  8ea 80cf scuba cylinders


Survey Equipment:

Geometrics 882 Magnetometer

4125 Edge Tech Side Scan Sonar


Survey Software:

Nobletech TimeZero Professional

Geometrics MagLog Lite

Discovery Software

SonarWiz Complete Package



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