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Recovery and excavation is one of MRR’s most exceptional strengths. It takes decades of experience to understand the complexities of excavating different strata. All of MRR’s captains are experienced in conducting excavations in the most environmentally sensitive ways possible, and are conscious of the potential impact that any excavation tool can have, whether it is a mole hair brush or a prop wash deflector.


At the time that all recoveries are made, the accurate and thorough recording of archaeological data is of utmost importance. With the advancement of geographical positioning systems and software that can plot data, MRR creates a real time map that contains detailed data of all excavations. This data collection is then imported into a real time online database, ensuring that all data is backed up off-site while the recovery team is still working.



Recovering Gold Trinity Ring:

Recovery Videos

Recovering Silver Coins:

Recovering Gold Brooch:

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