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Company Mission

There are an estimated 3 million shipwrecks scattered throughout the worldʼs waterways, many of them carrying cargos of astounding monetary and historic value. MRRʼs purpose is to identify, locate and recover cargos of historically significant and financially rewarding sunken shipwrecks. Our mission is to do so in an environmentally and historically respectful manner.
We employ industry best practice standards with open dissemination of knowledge and transparency of intent. MRRʼs goal is to create a permanent and lasting contribution to society with the recovery of historic artifacts and lost chapters in history.

Company Ethics

"Recording is the absolute dividing line between plundering and scientific work, between a dealer and a scholar (...) The unpardonable crime in archaeology is destroying evidence which can never be recovered; and every recovery does destroy evidence unless it is intelligently recorded." -Flinders Petrie, Methods and Aims in Archaeology, 1904

MRR works hard to uphold the highest standards in modern science, archaeology and data recording. All archaeology, conservation, curation and documentation work is done for the knowledge gained.

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