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Site Management

MRR offers Site Management services, through which our team can assist in full or partial management of third party wreck sites. This can include but is not limited to handling paperwork to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, surveying, conducting recovery operations, conservation, curation and certification, depending on the needs of the site’s leaseholder.


MRR's Commitment to Environmental Impact with Artifact Recovery:

Report written by Environmental Scientist, Dr. Peter J. Barile, August 2012, Contadora Island, Panama.

Participants in Environmental Assessment & Approval:
Dr. Peter Barile, Senior Scientist
Marine Research & Consulting, Inc.
Hector Guzman, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute,
Panama and U.S.
Authority of the Aquatic Resources (ARAP), Panama

MRR has accepted the social responsibility to honor and protect the environment in which we work—the ocean. MRR has hired well known professionals in specialized fields with proven track records of working in some of the most monitored and protected environmentally sensitive areas in the U.S. We did this in order to ensure we were following the highest regulations and environmental standards; not because we had to, because we chose to. It is under our company’s moral code to cause no harm and preserve our oceans and environment. For the San Jose project, MRR suggested to IMDI/Eco Olas world leading Environmental Scientist, Dr. Peter J. Barile, to complete a comprehensive environmental study. Dr. Barile concluded no environmental harm resulted from our work and that all practices and procedures utilized by MRR members meet the highest environmental standards accepted in the most monitored and protected environmentally sensitive areas in the U.S. We followed this study with more reviews by scientist Hector Guzman of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and a team of scientists from the Authority of Aquatic Resources (ARAP), in order to further validate the safety of our work’s impact on the environment. Again, it was concluded that the work conducted by MRR's team members has had no negative environmental impact.

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