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MRR's remote sensing surveys are conducted by MRR partner, Sea Hunt Survey International, LLC, using the 28-foot survey vessel, Sea Hunter. The Sea Hunter is equipped with a Geometrics 882 marine-towed cesium magnetometer, and can record all side scan and bathymetric data with a single pass. During post-processing, the collected data is reformatted and entered into a user-friendly CAD file, and imported as a layer in MRR's working AutoCAD charts. This allows for clear and concise analysis of the survey data, enabling the MRR team to focus on specific magnetometer targets or target areas.

MRR & Sea Hunt Survey’s Capabilities:

  • Magnetometer surveys to 100’ of depth

  • Side scan surveys to 200’ of depth

  • Sub-bottom profiling

  • Multi-beam bathymetry

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