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More Margarita Artifacts Recovered!

The Sea Reaper has just returned from the Santa Margarita site with another load of artifacts. With a short break in the weather, the MRR crew took advantage of the opportunity for more on-site excavation, working in a primarily new area while following trails of scatter. It is very exciting when the artifacts continue coming to the surface, and we never know what will be recovered next.

On this trip we found one silver coin fragment, which does not sound like much, but the location of the recovery is a very meaningful clue that could lead to larger recoveries. While working at extending trails, we recovered ship spikes, olive jar sherds, musket balls, lead sheathing, and a couple of unique personal earthenware sherds. This is also a significant clue as to what section of the shipwreck we are following.

Earthenware pottery, recovered from the Santa Margarita site in December 2016.​

As we near the end of the 2016 year, we would like to thank each and every one of you that follow our effort as we endeavor to bring this rich lost cultural heritage off the bottom of the ocean for all to share. We are very happy to have to opportunity to be working with Mel Fisher's Treasures and Motivation, Inc., and we move into the 2017 season with a sound plan of action for locating the missing section of the Santa Margarita, which the early Spanish salvors found as it was becoming covered with sand. You will be hearing more about this plan very soon. Happy holidays to all!!

Artifacts recently recovered from the Margarita site,

including musket balls, ship spikes and pottery.

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