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More Margarita Recoveries!

MRR has just completed the second trip of the 2017 season. Prior to the trip, the weather forecast predicted four to five days of calm seas. As good as modern weather forecasting technology is, the conditions on the Margarita site don’t always cooperate and the Sea Reaper crew was only able to get three full days of excavation on the site of the Margarita. With limited time due to the change in the weather, Captain Dan Porter decided to work three areas of the known wreck scatter, and the crew produced 181 tagged and logged artifacts, including pottery, blade fragments, musket balls, ship spikes and more.

During this time of year, sea conditions are usually not favorable for these refined scientific excavations, but MRR is taking advantage of every opportunity to be onsite advancing the knowledge base of the Santa Margarita for Motivation Inc., the permit holders of this very important 17th Century galleon.

Divers Levin Shavers and Rob Hill conducting a methodical metal detector survey after excavation on the site of the Santa Margarita.

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