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MRR Outfits New Vessel for Launch in 2017

Due to adverse weather conditions, the MRR team has not been back to the site of the Margarita in almost a month. Such weather patterns are normal during this time of year in Key West, and the MRR team is looking forward to the fast approaching summer dive season. The Sea Reaper is fueled and ready to head to the site at the first opportunity.

​During this time at the dock, there has been plenty of work keeping the MRR crew busy. The MRR team has begun outfitting a second vessel designed for shallow water excavation. The vessel is a 45 ft. Key West #1 hull, and has a very shallow draft, giving it the ability to maneuver into very shallow water where most other excavation vessels aren't able to reach. The shallow water capabilities of this vessel will expand MRR’s operational abilities, enabling the team to conduct near-shore excavation work along Florida’s Treasure Coast, where the galleons of the 1715 Fleet deposited their treasure in the middle of a raging hurricane. Additionally, the vessel will be fully equipped with removable airlift to conduct operations on the Margarita site and many other future projects.

MRR's new shallow-water excavation vessel during its custom build-out:

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