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MRR Diver Recovers a Remarkable Piece of K'ang Hsi Porcelain

Last week, MRR diver Austin Daly recovered what is likely one of the most remarkable pieces of K’ang Hsi porcelain found on a 1715 wreck site this year while working under contract with 1715 Queens Jewels, LLC. The recovery was made in an area where associated artifacts such as gold coins have been found. The piece is rather large, measuring 20cm, and has a great deal of ornate blue and white hand-painted designs that are characteristic of K’ang Hsi china. This piece, likely part of a bowl, was hand crafted in China and brought to the New World through the Phillipenes on the Manila galleons as a trade good, and was then loaded as cargo bound for Spain on the galleons that sank off Florida’s east coast in 1715.

Diver Austin Daly recovers porcelain from the K'ang Hsi dynasty.

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