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Sea Reaper is On Fire!

For the second day in a row the Sea Reaper crew continued to bring up rare gold coins. During the first excavation of the day, Rob Hill was in the water again, this time with Captain Dan Porter. Dan located the first anomaly, and while hand fanning it out of the muddy bottom, he saw the gold coin shine from deep with in a crevice. When he went to get Rob to show him the coin before recovering it from the crevice, Rob pulled one out of his glove that he had already found.

MRR divers Dale Gannon, Dan Porter and Rob Hill examine one of the gold coins.

The excitement flared as the two surfaced with the gold coins. The top side crew was ecstatic. Rob then returned to the same area and proceeded to recover a very rare Cuzco mint two escudo, dated 1698. This is a very rare coin and sought after by many collectors.

The above photo shows the shield side of the rare Cuzco mint two escudo, dated 1698.

The above photos show another one of the gold coins recovered, both shield & cross sides.

The day finished with a lot of very exhausting and methodical work using all of the cutting edge plotting and under water technology at our hands. MRR would like to personally thank 1715 Fleet Queens Jewels for the opportunity to continue to recover these precious artifacts for all to see and study. A special thanks to John Brandon for all of his help and guidance, not only with this year's activities, but as a life long mentor and friend to Captain Dan.

The above photos show the third of the gold coins, both shield & cross sides.

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