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Third Time's a Charm!

Day three, with more gold finds on the Frederick Douglas beach site! The Sea Reaper has continued to work in an area where the MRR crew has recently recovered six gold coins this season. Yesterday, ten more gold coin recoveries were made.

Dan Porter, Rob Hill, Dale Gannon and Dan Schweizer on the dive ladder with gold coins.

Ten gold coins recovered Saturday.

The whole crew got in on the action, with Dale Gannon finding his first gold coin, as well as Art Schweizer and Dan Schweizer finding their first gold coins. Captain Dan had a special moment while diving with his daughter, Allie, when she recovered her first gold coin.

The crew has been working hard knowing that the season is nearing the end, and the Sea Reaper will keep at it until then.

Allie and Art with their first gold coin recoveries.

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