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The hunt is on!

The MRR crew has spent the beginning of the year hard at work in Three-D Boat Yard completing the latest MRR custom excavation vessel, Seatrepid. After months of continued hard work in the boat yard, a weather window has opened up this week and the Sea Reaper is making its first trip of the 2018 season to the Santa Margarita site.

The Sea Reaper crew made many recoveries on the Margarita site in 2017, finding galley-related artifacts along the east side of the wreck site, and a trail of silver coins to the west. On this trip, the crew will choose specific areas to conduct excavations based on analysis of prior recovery data contained in our AutoCAD GIS map, as well as continued interpretation of research as our knowledge of the site develops.

When the Sea Reaper returns to Key West later this week, perhaps we will have another clue... Stay tuned!

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