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More Silver Coins on the Sea Reaper!

After the Seatrepid returned from its maiden voyage last weekend, the Sea Reaper continued working on Motivation Inc.’s permitted shipwreck site, the famed Santa Margarita. Captained by Josh Fisher-Abt, the Sea Reaper continued excavations along the main trail of the wreck site and recovered treasure.

MRR divers and member with silver coins.

Together with MRR partners and crew on board, Josh diligently executed methodical prop wash and air lift excavations, concentrating on the central area of this fascinating and culturally-rich site. Their diligence was rewarded with seven silver coins and a scattering of other artifacts such as encrusted objects and lead sheathing from the widely scattered remains of the Margarita.

MRR captain Josh Fisher-Abt and MRR diver recovering a silver coin.

This steady progress made by Josh, MRR partners and crew proves that the methodology combining prop wash and air lift excavation is working. It’s only a matter of time before one of the solution holes being excavated with the air lift is full of the artifacts that we all dream of. We like to use the term artifact instead of treasure because we recover many culturally precious items that are historically more valuable than gold or silver. But don’t get us wrong—we won’t be leaving any gold or silver on the bottom!

Stay tuned—the season is just picking up.

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