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MRR's Work Continues...

The Sea Reaper has returned to the dock yet again with treasure from the Santa Margarita. Captain Josh has done it again, continuing his relentless airlift effort and working along the main scatter of the ill-fated galleon that sank in 1622. Josh and his team recovered twelve silver coins and and a wide variety of artifacts. This is very hard and meticulous work, and the strong current caused by the full moon did not make matters easier during this expedition to the Fisher family site.

MRR Diver Rob Hill recovers a silver coin from the Margarita.

We had a good friend onboard during this trip—Koji from Japan—and as always, it was a great pleasure to have him with us. Koji has been occasionally diving onboard the MRR vessels for the last four years and always captures great still photos and video footage for us. Also on this trip, one of our newest divers, Christian Oliver, recovered his first silver coin from this famed galleon.

MRR friend and MRR member with a silver coin recovered from the Margarita.

While Josh and crew were on site, captain Dan Porter, Levin Shavers and survey captain Dan Schweizer were undergoing training on how to properly operate MRR’s newly acquired EdegTech 4125 side scan sonar. EdgeTech’s Garry Kozak, one of the leaders in the side scan industry, was nice enough to spend a few days with us and provide formal training so that we can accurately complete some major steps in the 2018 Operational Plan. In other words, he trained us to find the targets we are looking for.

Image from MRR's side scan sonar survey performed during training with EdgeTech.

This year keeps getting better and better. Stay tuned—you won’t want to miss what’s next.

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