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MRR’s 1715 season starts with a bang!

After a year of hard work building the new excavation vessel, Seatrepid, MRR began this year’s 1715 season at Douglass Beach where they left off last year. On the second day, Levin Shavers recovered his first gold coin, a Mexican 1 escudo.

MRR diver Levin Shavers recovers a Mexican 1 escudo at Douglass Beach.

Shield and cross sides of the recovered Mexican coin.

The team will be working hard to recover more this season while working under contract with John Brandon and 1715 Fleet Queen’s Jewels, LLC. The Sea Reaper will be on its way from Key West within the next 10 days to work alongside the Seatrepid and survey vessel Sea Hunter to complete one of the strongest exploration teams assembled on the 1715 Plate Fleet in many years.

More updates to come soon…

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