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Seatrepid Continues Recoveries

MRR’s exploration team onboard the research vessel Seatrepid continues making recoveries while working a cluster of shipwrecks around a shoal well over three miles from shore under contract with Dr. E. Lee Spence. Dr. Spence, who is chief archaeologist for Galleon Quest and is working with MRR in that capacity, was the discoverer of the wrecks and owns them under a Federal Court order.

Rare gold and black pearl Lover's Eye locket

recovered from a 1790s period wreck.

After concluding a successful season along the treasure coast of Florida, Captain Levin Shavers, Rob Hill and Missy Parker, along with Dan Porter and Dr. Spence, have been recovering artifacts from a couple of Dr. Spence’s wrecks. To date, most of the work has been on a late 1790s wreck. From the wreck, we have recovered over 40 bronze crucifixes in three different sizes; 23 brass thimbles, some of which were apparently gold plated and others silver plated; numerous pieces of Ormolu, which is gold leaf over bronze and was used to decorate everything from mantle clocks to candelabra and furniture; 12 muskets balls; 2 cannon balls; a musket; ornate silver-plated material; an intact brass medical syringe; pewter plates and spoons; and an extremely rare, gold “Lover’s Eye” locket with almost iridescent black pearls, just to name some of the highlights.

Rob Hill recovers an ornate bronze Ormolu piece.

MRR member Jess Lee recovers a bronze crucifix.

Levin Shavers recovers two intact pewter plates.

Rob Hill recovers a musket.

The team has been taking full advantage of the conditions, which have been good except for hurricane Florence, which dumped a lot of rain, caused tremendous flooding, and has temporarily reduced the underwater visibility. MRR is actively conducting magnetometer and side scan surveys on Dr. Spence’s area in search of other potential shipwreck targets. Captain Shavers and the Seatrepid exploration team plan to continue recovery efforts when conditions permit.

Intact brass medical syringe recovered from the 1790s period wreck.

More than 40 bronze crosses and crucifixes were recovered from the site in September.

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