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More Gold on the Sea Reaper!

Today, MRR crew member Rob Hill recovered his first gold coins from one of the famed 1715 Fleet wreck site. The Douglas Beach site is known for the large amount of gold coins recovered in years past. While diving on board the vessel Sea Reaper, Rob was in the water with Josh Fisher Abt. The water was clear and approximately 20 ft. deep when the glimmer of gold shined from a crack in the seafloor.

Diver Rob Hill recovers gold coins on a 1715 wreck site.

Rob surfaced with the first Bogota two escudo gold coin, and was ecstatic as he told Captain Dan Porter that another anomaly, which he had located with the metal detector, was waiting below. As Rob plunged back into the water, the top side crew was anxiously awaiting. He surfaced with another beautiful full-dated Mexican two escudo. The date clearly reads 1712, as seen in the pictures below. There is a lot more area to cover on this famed wreck, and the Sea Reaper crew will be back on site again at sunrise.

Recovery of a gold two escudo from the Douglas Beach wreck site.

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